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Stick and poke tattoos. Where did it all start?

Posted on December 16 2020

Although the stick and poke designs we all know and love have been around for what seems like a lifetime. Its interesting to consider, where did they originate from?

When considering the research and historic findings on the world of tattoo art, it appears that women sit at the centre of the stick and poke trend.

Western tattooing has been a widely recognized practice for hundreds of years, with men being the dominant force behind their use and popularity. However, ancient body art in Egypt – usually consisting of dots and dashes – was predominantly a female practice.

This Egyptian area of tattoo art dates back much further than the westernized wave of body art. In fact, some of the oldest female bodies that we've found carry tattoos in some form.

Granted, dots and dashes aren't exactly a complex 'design'. However, we find it incredibly interesting to consider that humans have welcomed this practice for so long. 

So when you next opt for a stick and poke tattoo, try and consider the fact that not only are you painting your body, but you're continuing a trend that has lasted a lifetime. 

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