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Hand Poke Artists

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    Dec 30 2020

    Self-taught hand poke artist based in NYC. Was Hand Poke tattooing something you went to after machine tattooing, or has the hand ...

  • Johnny Corvo

    Dec 16 2020

    In 2001 I left the Ex-Soviet-Union and moved to Portugal. During the second year of my studies at the university I realized that I'm stud...

  • Indigo North

    Dec 02 2020

    Indigo North is a self taught, handpoke tattoo artist from Toronto, Canada. She started tattooing herself at the age of 15. At age 16, In...

  • Fredericka Jessica

    Nov 18 2020

    I'm a self-taught hand poked tattooist who got my start in Toronto, but am now based out of St. Johns's, Newfoundland. At the beginning I...

  • Eva Dahvmandàsz

    Nov 04 2020

    26-year-old graphic designer who eventually ended up teaching herself how to put permanent designs on skin. Working in her private studio...