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Single Needle Tattoo

Stick & Poke Full Tattoo Ink Set - 15ml/ 30ml


6 x high pigment Ink. Bright, bold, long lasting and sterile. The complete Stick & Poke Tattoo set in 15ml or 30ml. 


15ml Ink Set Includes:

- 30ml Black Liner

- 15ml Admiral Blue

- 15ml Bumblebee Yellow

- 15ml Burnt Rouge 

- 15ml Shamrock Green

- 15ml Tiger Orange


30ml Ink Set Includes

- 30ml Black Liner

- 30ml Admiral Blue

- 30ml Bumblebee Yellow

- 30ml Burnt Rouge 

- 30ml Shamrock Green

- 30ml Tiger Orange


Clean and easy to wipe off. Its smooth consistency allows it to penetrate the skin easily and effectively. 

Stick & Poke Inks use the finest quality dispersed tattoo pigments, and have been developed over several years to perfectly suit Stick & Poke tattooing. These inks are fully tested by C.T.L Bielefeld Chemical-Technological Laboratory in Germany and are supported with a Microbiological Validation Certificate.