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Are there any problems following a stick and poke?

Posted on February 18 2021

The majority of people that have correctly performed stick and poke tattoos do not tend to develop any problems at all. Like anything, if you prepare correctly and implement all the correct techniques, there's no reason for any problems or unwanted issues.

Following the completion of your design, we find appropriate home treatment can aid in speeding up the healing process. It can also prevent a range of problems such as...

- Potential scarring, which can include raised scar tissue.

- Infection of the tattooed area.

- Spreading of infectious diseases.

As we previously stated. If you prepare correctly, stick and pokes are as safe as you want them to be. On the contrary, if you don't, then you expose yourself to a range of problems. 

We update this blog regularly with advice and tips to get the most from your stick and poke experience. If you're unsure where to start, simply read through our vast array of articles. This will give you the inspiration you need, but it will also educate you on how to prepare, correctly apply the tattoo and how to aftercare correctly. 

We want you to get the most from your stick and poke experience. But please prepare! Getting a tattoo is a big decision, a big decision that requires respect and consideration. 

If you're looking for stick and poke equipment, take a nosey around our site. You're bound to find everything you need. 


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