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Do stick and poke tattoos last as long?

Posted on July 10 2020

Some people think the quality of stick-and-pokes don't last as long as a machine-tattoos. However, that’s just not the case. For some reason, if your stick-and-poke tattoo starts to fade, the person who carried out the procedure was probably inexperienced or didn't apply the ink correctly. Stick and poke is the exact same idea as traditional tattoos. The method of application is somewhat irrelevant when discussing the length at which they last. Stick and poke involves inserting a needle with ink into your skin over and over again to create the design. This is almost identical to machine tattoo's. However, the difference lies in the fact that some hand-poke artists struggle to push the needle into the skin deep enough for the ink to take effectively. There's a fine line of getting it right. If the needle is too deep, the lines will blur together and ruin the design. If it’s not deep enough, the ink won’t become permanent. Despite this, if the artist is experienced and uses safe, clean tools, your tattoo will last just as long as one that is applied via a tattoo gun. For needles and kits, explore our website!


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