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Potential Problems After Getting a Stick & Poke Tattoo

Posted on June 03 2019

When broken down to its simplest form, a tattoo is a series of puncture wounds across the skin that carry ink into the different levels of skin. Initially, the newly made tattoo may be swollen or have some areas of crusting on the surface. It is completely normal for the tattoo to ooze minor amounts of blood for up to 24 hours, however it may also ooze a translucent, yellow or blood-tinged fluid for several days after.

The majority of people that have received correctly performed stick and poke tattoos do not tend to develop any problems at all. Appropriate home treatment can aid in speeding up the healing process and prevent many problems such as;

  • Infection of the tattooed area
  • Minor skin reactions, such as contact dermatitis, or serious allergic reactions to the method of tattooing or ink
  • Potential scarring, which can include raised scar tissue. This is known as keloid scarring.
  • Spreading of infectious diseases, for example hepatitis B and C or HIV, if an unhygienic method or dirty equipment is used

You should ensure that you consider all potential aspects of getting a stick and poke tattoo. It is important that you always consider a tattoo permanent, the removal of tattoos is difficult and painful and could lead to scarring. It is a possibility that you will be unable to completely remove a tattoo and regain your natural skin colour and texture.

We strongly encourage everyone to report any negative reactions to permanent tattoos to their local health unit.

Check out our range of complete Hand Poke tattoo kits here. All the kits we offer contain instructions that outline exactly how to minimize the risks involved with tattooing. 


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