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Stick and pokes, a brief overview.

Posted on March 26 2021

Stick and pokes are an unregulated concept. That’s what makes them cool. Currently, there are a bunch of people who are trying to make stick and pokes better quality and actually give amazing results, going against the stereotype that stick and pokes can't be impressive and complex.

Granted, designs that are created this way tend to be thought of as basic, minimal designs, but they can range in complexity from a simple dot to a deeply intricate piece. 

The hand-poke process originates from traditional forms of non-electric tattooing across various cultures and religions. Interestingly, the single needle process dates back as far as ancient Egypt! However, the modern stick-and poke culture derived from the skate and punk subculture that was big in the 1970s.

The resurgence of stick and poke culture has allowed artists (who aren't tattooists) to get creative and become a real part of the movement! For people who've always liked drawing, this is the perfect hobby!

We don't know about you, but for us, there’s something beautiful when you’re able to feel every poke of the needle. There’s a sense of true accomplishment when you know you’ve earned every little dot in your personal design.

Before you say it, yes, they take longer than using an electric machine, but the attention to detail and rewarding process makes it all worth it in the end. We actually prefer the slower process! 

If you're looking to enter the world of stick and poke tattoos, then browse our site! You'll find everything you need to make a start. 


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