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Stick and pokes - How do I dispose of all my equipment?

Posted on July 31 2022

We all love stick and pokes. However, with the great advantages comes the safety precautions to be aware of. We've covered some of the steps you should take in order to be fully safe when disposing of your tattoo equipment. 

This may be obvious to some, but disposing of used needles should be done in a sharps bin. This allows for them to be moved to a sharps disposal facility where they can safely be taken care of. 

Great care should also be taken with your gloves. You should ensure that you do not come into contact with the outer layer of the gloves. We recommend removing them by turning them inside out.

Besides this specific advice, you should aim to gather all of your used items and place them into a wastage box to throw away. In order to notify people of its contents, writing 'biohazard' is usually the most effective way. 

Following the disposal of your equipment, please ensure you begin to wash your hands and area you used fully! If you're unsure on how to properly disinfect your tattoo area and your body, please visit our blog for advice. 

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