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Stick and Poke's - More than a 'dangerous lockdown trend'

Posted on September 16 2020

Throughout lockdown, you’ve probably seen people experimenting with DIY stick and poke tattoos. From Instagram photos to Twitter feeds, stick and pokes have popped up everywhere!

As a result of the previous lockdown, It’s no surprise the stick and poke tattoo craze has become one of the most popular quarantine beauty trends. This has led to stick and pokes gaining an 'almost' cult-like following. Who could blame them?They are small, pretty and have a handmade feel about them. They usually look a little rough around the edges and can be created with just a sewing needle and Ink. In addition, its one of the most accessible forms of tattooing, with nearly anyone being able to do it! For example, with just a few clicks on our site, you'd be ready to go! Granted, they don’t last as long as a traditional tattoo, and fade out quicker, but for some people this is a big advantage! 

Many people keep referring to stick and pokes as a 'dangerous lockdown trend'. We couldn't agree less. This DIY tattooing technique has been used by our ancestors for ages. This ancient, time-tested technique refuses to die out and we welcome that! That's why they are making a comeback in today’s youth, not because of a temporary lockdown. 

As for the safety, we've written numerous blogs on the safety of stick and poke's so please check those out! If you're considering a stick and poke, simply ask whether this is the right technique for you! That's all that matters.


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