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The real reason stick and pokes have become so popular

Posted on May 31 2022

The amazing thing about stick and pokes is they're an unregulated concept. That’s part of what makes them cool and edgy. Currently, there are a bunch of people who are trying to make stick and pokes better quality and actually give amazing results.

The biggest difference is that they're done in an intimate setting. Whether this is at home, a friends house or even somewhere outdoors. It's a different vibe than going to a shop. Let's face it, people have gotten bored of the traditional shop visit.

Their popularity has stemmed from the fact that professional tattoos are so damn expensive! So people have taken things into their own hands and started doing them for themselves.

They are also a challenge. It might be an easy challenge or an incredibly hard one for some, but people seem to love the challenge of stick and poke tattoos! 

Ultimately, stick and poke culture has allowed artists (who aren't tattooists) to get creative and become a real part of the culture. For people who've always liked drawing, this is a god send.

We grew up as kids drawing and painting and were always into really creative hobbies, but as we grew up we never thought about sharing art and didn’t really know how. That's what led us into this amazing area of tattoo art, and we've never looked back since...


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