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The safety of stick and pokes - how to prepare yourself.

Posted on July 28 2020

If you're planning on pulling up your sleeves and getting involved in the world of stick and poke tattoos, it's important to know how to best prepare yourself in order to reduce any risks. We get it, the world of stick and pokes can be really exciting. Who could blame you? It's cheap, easy, and fun. However, as is the case with all tattoos, there are certain risks involved. In order to go about this in the safest way possible, aftercare and possibility of infection are important points to keep in mind throughout the process. 

Check out these simple safety precautions before you start your stick and poke journey. Happy sticking and poking!


1. Sterilize everything - Make sure all your equipment is clean before you start.

2. Don't push yourself too far - Take your time and only ink as much as you are comfortable with!


3. Use antibacterial ointment. 


4. Treat it like a professional tattoo - Just because this is DIY doesn't mean you shouldn't take this seriously. Use the same attitude as you normally would. Take things seriously to reduce risk. 


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