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Where to place your stick and poke tattoo.

Posted on February 04 2021

When deciding and creating a tattoo design. Sketching out the design prior to the application is a crucial part of the process. This helps to avoid any unwanted errors and also ensures you've created something you really love!

The second thing to consider is where to put it!

When making this decision, pain is usually an important factor. Most of us don't want to face too much pain when administering the design. 

So where's best?

Well, hands, ears, and feet tend to be pretty painful areas for tattoos. Points with a high concentration of nerves or any place where the skin is very close to the bone will likely hurt more than thicker, fleshier parts of the body.

For example, choosing a design for parts of the body such as the thighs, biceps, and triceps will likely be less painful and a more enjoyable experience. This is because these areas tend to be less bony and have more muscle mass. Forearms can also be a great spot too!

In review, wherever you choose to get your next hand poked tattoo, a great design will make the pain experience all the more worth it!

If you're looking to get your next stick and poke design, or you're simply wanting to enter the world of stick and pokes, visit our website today!


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