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Why stick and pokes have become a major trend in 2020

Posted on August 20 2020

As has been the case with many trends during lockdown, we’ve been picking up all kinds of hobbies. Among those hobbies, stick-and-poke tattoos have quickly topped that list.

Unlike professional tattoos, stick-and-poke's don't require a machine or expensive supplies like cables and tubes. That's the beauty of it! Nonelectric tattoos (stick-and-pokes) avoid all those annoying and time-wasting requirements. This (not so) new trend has driven a DIY vibe that has inspired many to believe and understand how easy it is to create your own tattoos.

Although we absolutely love stick and poke tattoos, it’s important to know this type of tattoo follows the exact same hygiene and sterilization procedures you’d expect from a high-street tattoo artist. 

So who's responsible for driving this trend? Well, as is the case with most things, social media has undoubtedly changed the landscape of non-electric tattooing for sure. Whether its Instagram or Tik Tok, word has quickly spread and people are now embracing DIY designs of all shapes and sizes. 

As we said before, this doesn't require any electric tools, meaning they’re affordable and easy to do when you’re bored at home. This is one of the key underlying reasons as to why they've become so popular this year. Lets face it, what's not to like? The concept is simple, its cheap, and its enjoyable.

We're fully on board for this trend to continue and grow. We believe stick and pokes have the potential to become even more popular. So long as all the necessary health and safety requirements are met, we hope stick and pokes get the recognition they deserve!


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