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Posted on January 16 2020

I am a self-taught handpoke tattoo artist based in seoul, korea. It has been a 1 year since I started working as an artist, before that I majored in music and fashion design.

Was Hand Poke tattooing something you went to after machine tattooing, or has the hand poke style always been your preferred method? 

In Korea, hand poke is very strange. The Korean tattooist "doy" introduced the genre of hand poke, and since then has been self-taught art.

What was it like the first time you put needle and ink to skin? 

My first hand poke was given to a stranger who approached me. I told her that this would be my first try and she simply said 'Its my first tattoo'. I poked a flying plane (see above) and it was one of the most interesting experiences I've ever had. 

Have you always been a tattoo artist? 

No, not always. I majored in jazz and menswear, so tattooing was a follow on from my career as a fashion designer. I was always interested in tattooing, and loved tattoos... so I guess it started naturally from there. 

Do you have any memorable/ funny stories you can tell?

Is I mentioned before, the first tattoo I did was really exiting! I often tattoo from images of plants, and because I spent lots of time in the forest i got the nickname 'artist in the forest'... I didn't think anything of it until a client thought I was working in a real forest!

So Single Needle Tattoo Kits, I believe that home tattooing is inherently risky, but people have, and will continue to tattoo themselves, therefore making a safe and affordable kit is the way forward... What's your take on this? 

Unfortunately, in Korea, tattoos are illegal. So it's not easy for people to get a kit.
If only cleanliness and safety are guaranteed, the self-tattoo experience is a special experience.

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