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Posted on December 30 2020

Self-taught hand poke artist based in NYC.

Was Hand Poke tattooing something you went to after machine tattooing, or has the hand poke style always been your preferred method? 

I started with stick and poke style tattoos, but have used a machine on myself and some close friends. Machine tattooing is for sure a quicker method with tons of capabilities. But there is something special about doing things in a primitive fashion, the way its been done for thousands of years. 

What was it like the first time you put needle and ink to skin? 

My first time tattooing was on myself with a sewing needle and some india ink.... it wasn't the best setup, but proved to be something i love to do. 

Have you always been a tattoo artist? 

Nope, I have a BFA in Interactive Media and a full time job as a Creative Developer. 

Do you have any memorable/ funny stories you can tell?

I have the most fun when trading tattoo's with other artists. I think that my most memorable tattoo experiences come from those. Although this one time I was tattooing someone who dealt with pain by laughing. It was... interesting. 

So Single Needle Tattoo Kits, I believe that home tattooing is inherently risky, but people have, and will continue to tattoo themselves, therefore making a safe and affordable kit is the way forward... What's your take on this? 

Tattooing is not for everyone, you can seriously harm someone if you are not careful. I think that its good idea to have these kits available for people to experiment with, as they will do it anyway, but all should keep in mind the many factors that go into giving a tattoo. 

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