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Silvia Placenta

Posted on July 03 2018


Hi my name is Silvia Placenta and I’m hand poke tattoo artist. I live and work in northern Italy, in a town called Bergamo. I started this experience about 3 years ago and I’ve worked in 3 different studios around Milan since 2017. Then I’ve decided to open my own tattoo studio: Manomorta Tattoo, with my partner Alessandro.

Have you always been a tattoo artist/ How did you get into it? 

I started to grow interest into the tattoo and the culture behind it during my college studies. Further, I started getting interested in the traditional hand poke technique because I was fascinated by its historical roots. In that moment I realized what my purpose was and, from then on, it was a stream of consciousness.

What was it like the first time you put needle and ink to skin? 

The first time has been difficult to me. I had to tattoo on my boyfriend an Eye with a red tear, using only the needle. During the tattoo, I felt bad and tired, my wrist was aching, but in the same time, I felt comfortable and relaxed. I got tattooed from several Hand poke artists in UK, to study the basics and learn from the masters.  

Do you have any memorable or funny stories you can tell? 

Sure, but I have lived so much experiences that it’s impossible to me to choose only one! 

Why do you prefer hand-poking to machine tattooing?

I prefer hand poke tattoos because it represents the real ancestor of tattooing, and it’s wonderful seeing how it developed and evolved through times and cultures. Further, hand poke to me is meaningful, it creates a strong bond between the artist and the customer. During every tattoo session, I can really feel this energy like an entity overwhelming everything. I really think that some people need to explain themselves through this energy, that’s why hand poke tattooing is strong.

What would you recommend to someone who wanted to start tattooing?

Starting tattooing is like the beginning for a craftsman. You start helping in the shop, learning from more experienced people, staying humble and being patient, having respect for the masters and the traditions. People often go wrong thinking that hand poke tattooing is more naive and meaningless, but it’s not like that. Every style and technique has the same roots, do not forget that. 

Do you have any tips or tricks when it comes to hand poke tattooing? 

Try and try, over and over again. You need to understand what kind of work suits your hand better. One important thing is studying the culture and the history from books. You cannot find the truth on websites or social medias. 


So Single Needle Tattoo Kits, I believe that home tattooing is inherently risky, but people have, and will continue to tattoo themselves, therefore making a safe and affordable kit is the way forward... What's your take on this? 

There will always be people that will do that alone at home, so I think this kit would help a little bit as for the safe issues, but if you choose to start tattooing seriously, you need to be followed by the pro and the masters. 




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