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Single Needle

4G Sea Demon 'Flat' Stainless Steel Suspension Hook


Suspension is the artistic practice of hanging the human body from, or partially from hooks that pierce the flesh. This hook has been chosen for its fantastic reputation, durability and shape. 

100mm Total Length from top of eye loop to curve. 7mm Eye loopHole. Gap between the tip and long base is 45mm.

The end tapers to 2mm, you can fit this in the end of an 4g needle and slide it through.

This suspension hook is also ideal for pulling.


  • Thickness:  4.6mm (approx)
  • Length:  100mm
  • Gap:  45mm
  • 7mm eye loop
  • End tapers to 2mm
  • Compatible with 4g needles
  • Price per one suspension hook
  • 410 ASTM Stainless Steel