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Single Needle Tattoo

Easy Piercing Mouthwash Solution - 125ml



Intended for mouth hygiene, the Easypiercing® mouthwash solution is ideal for the maintenance of mouth piercing. Its specific formula contains essential oils of cloves. It is used for its numerous properties (anesthetic, disinfectant…) but mainly for its decongestant property limiting therefore the swelling of the tongue.

★  Is made in France
★  Anesthetic
★  Antiseptic
★  Bactericidal
★  Antibacterial
★  Antiparasitic
★  Antifungal
★  Relieving congestion properties
★  Effectively relieves pain
★  CPNP notification (new 2013 regulation) n°1386937
★  European Standard NF EN 1040:2006.  Antiseptic properties – KILLS bacteria.
★  It is flavored
★  6M PAO – Period After Opening
★  Of course all Easypiercing® products are NOT TESTED ON ANIMALS



To bring to you a maximum of security in the high range of our products, all of our industrial partners are certified:

★  AFSSAPS (agence française de sécurité sanitaire des produits de santé)
★  FDA (food and drug administration)
★  ISO (international organization for standardization)


Further more, MBA brings to you numerous guarantees thanks to:

★  The statutory correspondence of all of our products (conformity 2013-1223/2008)
★  The implementation of a quality process ISO 13485
★  Specific and innovative formulations
★  A manufacturing process under pharmaceutical and dermatological control of compulsory standards: EN1040, EN1275, EN1276, CE labeling, biocide, fungicide, bactericide
★  Secure, innovative and exclusive packaging

That’s why today more than 1200 studios in France and 40 countries in the world trust us and appreciate the quality of our products.