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Single Needle Tattoo

Milltex 3.5mm Sealed Sterile Dermal Punch


Miltex’s Biopsy Dermal Punches offer 25% more measured cutting sharpness (KgF) than other tested punches. They also offer a unique, steeper edge angle (by degree) and a precise punch diameter for a truly accurate biopsy. 


  • Quantity: Price Per 1
  • Size: 3.5mm (Sizes 1mm through to 3.5mm are available) 
  • Sharp stainless steel tip
  • Ribbed handle for control
  • Color coded blister packs
  • Sizes marked on each punch
  • Used for Dermal Anchor Piercings
  • Manufacturer: Miltex

(These are boxed in quantities of 50, so if you order 50 punches, you will receive them in the box. If you order less than 50, they will come loose in a bag)