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Recovery Piercing Saline Wash Spray 1oz


Recovery Aftercare Spray is a vegan-friendly, natural way to rinse and refresh new or irritated piercings.

This purified saline wash solution is environmentally friendly with no CFCs, drugs, preservatives, or additives.

It promotes healing and maintains the well-being of new piercings by removing dirt and debris.

The solution is gentle, but still has a cooling effect which soothes the skin.


  • 100% Pure saline spray
  • Vegan-friendly
  • 99.5% aluminium recyclable can with 360° dispenser
  • Hermetically sealed to prevent contamination with bacteria and dust
  • Content protected from air and light to prevent degradation
  • Preservative, drug, and CFC free
  • No ozone depleting ingredients
  • Ingredients: Purified water, 0.7% Sodium Chloride
  • Price per one 1oz spray