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S8 Hemp (CBD) Infused Black Tattoo Ink

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S8 Hemp Infused Tattoo Ink is a medical grade, botanical-based, patented tattoo ink that is infused with hemp’s healing properties for a safer and healthier tattoo experience.

S8 Hemp Infused Tattoo Ink is a new approach to tattoo ink. It is scientifically formulated with the client's needs in mind. Because S8 Hemp Infused Tattoo Ink is blended with industry-leader Electric Ink's colors, tattooers don't have to compromise on quality. S8 Hemp Infused Tattoo Ink puts you in control of what is going into your body.

Commit to S8 Hemp Infused Tattoo Ink, knowing you are making a superior tattoo ink choice.

  • Fast saturation: S8’s patent pending formulation augments the surface tension of the ink and the charge of the ink’s carrier for optimal capillary fluid flow based on the average circumference of tattoo needles.
  • S8 Hemp Infused Ink is rated for line work and can be diluted for shading.
  • We partner with Electric Ink Brazil to produce S8 Hemp Infused Tattoo Ink.  Brazilian law dictates that tattoo ink must be manufactured to medical grade specifications.
  • We only pack our ink in UV protective glass vials with glass droppers fastened with tamper evident seals.
  • We track chain of custody for our ingredients from seed to bottle.  Each batch is traceable to the microgram.



  • Thoroughly shake bottle before use, as is customary with standard tattoo ink.  Apply using the same technique as standard tattoo ink.  
  • When breaking down ink into gray washes, use distilled water, as with standard tattoo ink.