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S8 Individual Tattooing Towel

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S8 Tattooing Towels are a smart and safe alternative to paper towels and are designed specifically for tattooing procedures.  Traditional disposable paper towels are rough on the skin, generating excess friction, which causes discomfort and redness for your client. S8 Tattooing Towels are made from compressed, nonwoven cotton fiber sheets. This allows each wipe of the tattooing area to be significantly softer on your client’s skin. 

The S8 Tattooing Towels are also far more durable than paper towels, allowing for longer use. Paper towel usage can be dramatically reduced by using S8 Tattooing Towels.  Each unit is pressed into convenient nickel-sized tablets and individually wrapped for efficient storage to prevent cross contamination.

Each bag contains 50 towels. Orders of less than 50 will not be sent in the large grey bag.  S8 Towels expand when wet with water or water-based soaps.