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Single Needle

Stencil Making Kit



Complete kit to create sharp, long lasting skin stencils. This kit contains everything you need. 

  • 5 x A4 Genuine A4 SPIRIT Hectograph Manual Impact Stencil Paper
  • 5 x A4 Tattoo Tracing Paper (63gsm)
  • 1 x Professional Sealed & Sterile Skin Marker Pen
  • Optional - Sachets of S8 Stencil Gel, Perfect For Applying Stencils To Skin. 


    Spirit Paper:

    • High degree of control while hand drawing stencils
    • No tools or printers needed to create a high quality stencil
    • Quality dyes stay visible on skin

    Spirit™ Freehand Tattoo Transfer papers are designed for those one of a kind pieces. This wax blend is butter smooth and extremely responsive to pressure, which allows artists to introduce extreme detail to their stencils.

    The ripstop stencil sheet stands up to the most aggressive tracing.


    Tracing Paper:

    20 x A4 Sheets of 90gsm Tracing Paper

    Ideal for Tracing Tattoo Designs


    Skin Marker:

    High quality markers designed for freehand stencil marking. 

    These pens are perfect for drawing bold, quick drying designs that will stay throughout tattooing. 

    Each marker is individually packaged and filled with surgical skin marking ink.  

    A ruler is also included with the marker to keep lines perfectly straight.


    S8 Transfer Gel:

    This unique 2-in-1 stencil transfer gel cleans and prepares the skin before serving as the transfer medium. Applying a small amount of this gel to the skin cleans away oils and dead skin cells, increasing the quality of transfers. Then, a unique botanical blend moves stencils from transfer paper and adheres them to the skin, locking the stencil down on the molecular level.




    This petroleum-free, propylene glycol-free, all natural blend is safe for all skin types