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Single Needle Tattoo

Tattoo Tubes - Flat


Single Needle disposable tattoo tubes are a fantastic way to hold and support tattoo needles for tattooing. The tubes are made from medical grade plastic and feature a ribbed rubber grip for comfort. All Single Needle tubes are federalist using E.O. Gas, are individually sealed and ready for immediate use. 

Tubes can be used for hand poke tattooing in combination with a tube specific hand poke tool. 

  • 25mm Long
  • Flat shaped tip 
  • Comfortable, non slip rubber grip
  • Sterile and sealed for safe use
  • Made from medical - grade plastic 144R - 111 Resin

How to match tattoo needles with tubes

Needle Size Tube Size
1RL R1, R3 or D3
3RL R3 or D3
5RL R5 or D3
7RL R7 or D5
9RL R9 or D7
11RL R11 or D9
3RS R3 or D3
5RS R5 or D3
7RS R7 or D5
9RS        R9 or D7
7M2 F4
9M2 F5
11M2 F7
13M2 F7
15M2 F9
5F F5
7F F7
9F F9
5M1 F5
7M1 F7
9M1 F9
5RM F5
7RM F7
9RM F9