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Stick & Poke Tattoo Preparation

Posted on August 19 2018

The simple, yet beautiful method of producing a stick and poke tattoo, is the repetitive action of poking a sterile tattoo needle into the skin with the intention of depositing ink. This is an ageless technique that can be completed effectively using the correct tattoo equipment and safety measures.

Priming and Preparation

1. Ensure that the area you intend to place your tattoo equipment on is sanitised, flat and secure. It is essential that you have a small box and a disposal can or bottle close by to your working area that can be used to throw away used needles. 

2. Preparation of the skin consists of thorough washing with hot water and soap and then shaving it with an unused, disposable razor.

3.Thorough washing of your hands is crucial, regardless of the fact you will be wearing gloves. This should again be done with hot water and soap. Proceed to put on your black nitrile gloves.

4. Carefully set out the covering and place all of your equipment in easy to access places

5. Extensively shake the bottle of ink, then proceed to squeeze it into a sterile ink cup until full. If you intend to use more than one ink colour, repeat this process until all appropriate colours are prepared. 

6. Using your provided alcoholic wipe, carefully clean the skin on top of and around the area which you intend to put the tattoo.

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