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Hand Poke Artists

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Recent Posts

  • Artist Interview - batu_madz

    Dec 02 2022

    This week we interviewed a self-taught stick and poke artist whose connections to others, both clients and other artists, drives his pass...

  • Artist Interview - m.grzd

    Nov 02 2022

    This week, we interviewed a new tattoo artist on the scene, Margo, who has unique ideas and a strong determination to progress and refine...

  • Yazzy - Artist Interview

    Dec 20 2021

    If you follow us on Instagram, you've probably seen us repost Yazzy (aka @weestiknpoke)'s stick and pokes. We absolutely love her design ...

  • Sunnie - Artist Interview

    Aug 12 2021

    We had the pleasure of talking to Sunnie, an incredible hand poke artist based in Worcester. We're always amazed by the detail and qualit...

  • Mako - Artist Interview

    Aug 02 2021

    If you follow us on Instagram you've probably seen us repost Mako aka Sea Panda Pokes' tattoos multiple times. We're always in awe of the...