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Transferring and Tracing

Posted on September 01 2019

Transferring and Tracing

We recommend using sterile skin marker pens or stencil paper as opposed to a regular pen when tracing and transferring. This is due to an increased risk of infection, something that can have very serious effects. Irrespective of the kind of pen you use however, you should not by any circumstances use the same pen on different individuals. If you want some extra help with tattoo transfers, we have a complete kit available here - Transfer Kit

Although it may help you when tracing, it is important not to the stretch or move the skin. This will lead to it shrinking back to its regular shape and distorting your tattoo design, rendering it useless.

The tracing stage of creating your tattoo is a fantastic opportunity to truly refine your stick and poke tattoo, allowing you to observe the design from a range of positions. If you have any doubts over your design, then retreat and refine. It is crucial that you have a design that you are pleased with and would rather show off than hide.


If you have any uncertainties, or queries about proceeding with a tattoo, do not continue. Research it further or contact us.


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