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Preparing for your stick and poke tattoo

Posted on September 30 2022

Producing a stick and poke tattoo is the repetitive action of poking a sterile tattoo needle into the skin with the intention of depositing ink. This technique is completely safe and can be completed effectively using the correct equipment and safety measures. That's why we've created a quick fire guide to help you get there. Take a look at the steps below...

1. The area you place your equipment must be sanitised properly!

2. Prepare the skin by washing it with hot water and soap and then shaving it with a clean, disposable razor.

3. Repeat this process by washing your hands. Then proceed to put on your black nitrile gloves.

4. Set out your area and place all of your equipment in easy to access places

5. Shake the bottle of ink, then proceed to squeeze it into a sterile ink cup until full. 

6. Using the alcoholic wipe that is provided, carefully clean the skin on top of and around the area which you intend to create your design.

We can't make you follow this process, but we think its essential you follow our guidelines in order to get the most out of your tattoo. This also ensures you avoid any safety concerns, win win right? 

If you're looking for more advice, our blog is jam-packed with great content that will keep you informed in the world of stick and poke's. Enjoy!


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